Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pretty Cupcakes!

I think Crumbs is tastier, but Magnolia definitely wins in the looks department.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Late Autumn Ramen

"The passing of autumn leaves a temporary blank, an empty hole in the year that is not of a season at all." -Haruki Muakami

Yep... I think this is the best time of year for ramen. I think I'm over pho, at least for now, as I'm finally discovering the joys of ramen (which, turns out, does not always include that neon-colored fishcake). And this discovery has taken place primarily at Ippudo NY

The hearty Akamaru Modern ramen comes with pork belly and spicy paste and is fantastic topped with Nitamago, a seasoned salt boiled egg (thanks for the rec, Alice!). Sometimes they have a really fantastic special with oyster sauce, ankimo and crusty bread. It is a bit fishy, but definitely better balanced than many of the other ramens you'll find (which will be too fishy to begin with anyway).

And their pork belly buns are better than anything I've had in Hong Kong.

I think a trip to Minca for some ramen comparison is in order this weekend. And maybe someday I'll scrap the usual Sapporo at Rockmeisha in favor of their ramen, too.

Ippudo NY
65 4th Ave