Monday, September 15, 2008

Cafe Grumpy -- A Pleasant Greenpoint Gem

We'd lived in Greenpoint at least a year before we discovered it. It's easy to miss, as Cafe Grumpy is tucked away on the other side of McGuinness Ave on the corner of Meserole and Diamond. But once we found it it easily became our favorite neighborhood weekend coffee spot.

There are lots of great things about this cafe but fortunately the best part is the coffee -- it's fresh, flavorful and strong. The baristas are serious about what they do, and it shows. You can choose from their Clover menu what kind of bean you want (priced accordingly) and the barista will make it fresh from its one cup style machine. I usually just get a plain coffee (iced or hot depending on the weather) and its fantastic -- way better than Starbucks and a better caffeine boost to boot.

While we usually just grab a quick cup of joe on our way to or from somewhere, Cafe Grumpy isn't a bad place to hang out (especially if you're a hipster with a screenplay to write). Actually, the atmosphere is pretty unpretentious. Free WiFi, a few large tables and they recently opened up the roomy back space with board games and a couch. I like to think of it as the logical step up from a university coffeehouse (kind of like Think Coffee for post-college Brooklynites).

Last summer I loved one of their specialty drinks made with Nutella -- I think it was a cappuccino? -- but they don't make any unique concoctions anymore. I guess they wanted to concentrate solely on making regular coffee from choice coffee farms in South America (as is evident from their blog). Fair enough, though I miss my iced Nutella drink on hot days.

They don't have much of a food selection, but you don't come here for brunch, you come for some amazing coffee. They never disappoint in that regard.

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