Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Signature Desserts from EMP at ICE

A few weekends ago I had the honor of taking a baking class with the pastry chef from Eleven Madison Park, Angela Pinkerton!

She was so amazingly patient with everyone, from the woman who wanted to write down her every word to the girl that didn't speak English that well. I can only imagine that letting a bunch of amateurs loose in an industrial kitchen is not an easy thing to manage when you're used to such a high level of precision.

We broke into teams and each tackled a segment of a single dessert. There was cornbread pudding with buttermilk sorbet, summer stone fruits with ricotta and tarragon, a mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich and pistachio sundae with green market grapes. I made the pistachio brittle in the sundae. The part that they crumble on top and no one even notices. The class made me realize the level of detail that high end restaurants really have to adhere to.

My Pistachio Brittle

The best part of class was the end, where wine was poured before we watched Angela plate all the dishes. It really is an art form. 

Then, of course, eating it all!

A pretty ideal Sunday if you ask me. :)

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