Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jazz Fest Food: Hydration

This is the last post about Jazz Fest, I promise. There was plenty of beer for the afternoon, but the morning required a good combination of caffeine and cool refreshments to keep our thirst down in the sun.

The best drink by far was the strawberry lemonade. People lined up for this longer than any other food or drink item at the festival. More sweet than tart, with fresh strawberries floating on top. For $5, you get a pretty giant cup large enough to sip on for over an hour. And that's the crazy part. You can sip as slow as you want and the last few slurps aren't watered down or undrinkable. In fact, its still cold -- and still good! -- much later than you would expect. Not sure how they pulled this off.

The iced teas were good, but not as good as the lemonade. They offered rose mint and mandarin -- both fun to try once, but not worth heading back to.

And, of course, our morning cafe au laits, creamy and sweet, from either Cafe du Monde or the New Orleans Coffee Company. A pretty awesome way to start any day in the Big Easy.

Strawberry Lemonade
Café Reconcile

New Orleans, LA

Rosemint Iced Tea, Mandarin Orange Iced Tea
Sunshine Concessions

Covington, LA

Café Au Lait
New Orleans Coffee Company

New Orleans, LA

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