Friday, August 15, 2008

Lokal Makes You Feel Far Away

Last Saturday I woke up to a beautiful sunny day in Brooklyn. Eager to spend some time in the sun but also hungry for some brunch, I knew exactly the place to try -- Lokal, the newish Mediterranean restaurant right across from Mccarren Park. I'd walked by it many times but never had the chance to venture in. With doors open on all sides of the restaurant, I had a feeling it was the perfect airy spot to begin the day.

Even though its a bit farther than we normally travel for brunch, it was completely worth it. The atmosphere itself was really beautiful and relaxed, with bright hues of blue and orange decorating the walls, tables adorned with exposed sand and pebbles, diners gazing out at the park. Oddly, it felt as though we had left the city entirely.

Both Rob and I couldn't decide between breakfast or lunch, so we decided we'd get both and split it. I ordered the breakfast portion -- eggs florentine. The poached eggs came out great, they had the stringy doneness that I love and haven't seen since Enid's was good. They also weren't vinegary like Brooklyn Label. They were a bit overdone for my taste, but still very good. The spinach was also great, which is hard for me to say as I usually prefer Canadian bacon here. Rob said they were probably cooked with a lot of butter, but I don't like to think of such things when I'm eating something "healthy". I'd definitely order this again, but I hope they don't skimp on the homefries so much next time.

Rob's lunch meal was the bulgogi sandwich: new york sirloin steak ground up and marinated in his favorites: sesame oil, soy sauce and garlic. The salty meat is then sauteed with onions and put inside great fresh tasting bread with lettuce and a layer of basil mayo. My only complaint that it was so salty it was hard to taste the basil mayo -- and that is definitely worth some attention.

I don't always have a drink at brunch, but how could I resist at a romantic place such as this? I almost wish I hadn't discovered the bellinis here because now I may be addicted. My bellini was sweet, perfectly carbonated and oh so very refreshing on a hot day. The maraschino cherry floating inside made it taste like a dessert. When the waitress asked if I'd like another, I said yes first and thought about it after. Was it worth it to walk around in a haze the rest of the day? ..... yes, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

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these reviews are top-notch! what magazine(s) do you write for?