Friday, August 15, 2008

That Heavenly Smell? It's Coming from New Warsaw Bakery

Ever since we moved to Greenpoint, Rob and I have wondered where that bakery smell was coming from. We'd be taking a walk up Manhattan Avenue on our way back from the bar late at night and get caught up in the aroma. Where was it coming from? It was hard to tell because it would literally waft across a block in all directions.

It remained a mystery until this past summer, when walking back from Greg's apartment, we saw the door to the New Warsaw Bakery open. We hung around the front door, watching the line of fresh bread moving its way across the conveyor belt and a single guy yanking the break out of the oven. We finally got his attention and asked where they sold their bread so we could try some. "You can have a loaf now for $3!" the guy says. "Done," says Rob and now we get to carry a hot piece of bread home with us. As soon as we got to the apartment we busted out the butter and some pesto and indulged in a carb overload while watching a Netflix movie. Mystery solved.

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Jules said...

those are some lovely photos lady!