Saturday, January 9, 2010

Notable Dishes of 2009

Well, since New York Magazine and Sam Sifton of the New York Times both did similar round-ups, I thought I'd make my own list of the best meals I had in the city this year. I'm only naming one item per restaurant in two separate categories: dinner and dessert. I'm listing the items in order as best I can, with both general awesomeness and surprise factors (aka, those much sought after "it looked like a normal bite of X, but it blew me away" moments) in mind:

Goat cheese and Concord grape crostini at Marlow and Sons
Seared salmon at Le Bernadin
Burger at Prune
Pea soup at Nougatine*
Porterhouse at Peter Luger
Uni at Kanoyama
Sirloin and short rib at Dressler
Pork Betty with pickled egg at Bozu
Hot sopressata sub with mozzerella and artichokes at Faicco's
Spicy chicken wings at Bon Chon
Pulled pork shoulder at Fette Sau*
Lamb skewers at Tia Pol
Fried chicken at The Redhead
Mac 'n' cheese at Dumont Burger

Panna Cotta at Le Bernadin
Sea salt and caramel chocolate tart at Marlow and Sons
Caramello gelato at Grom
Grasshopper cupcake at Crumbs
Vanilla cone at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
Creme Brulee donut at The Donut Plant
Oreo sundae at Fornino*
Bavarian cream soft serve at Momofuku Bakery/Milk Bar
Donut ice cream sandwich at Peter Pan's Bakery

What was YOUR favorite meal of 2009?

** Starred items represent places I haven't blogged about yet. Awaiting future visits to verify awesomeness.

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