Monday, January 4, 2010

What, You Tryin' to Rush Me?

Last week I went and visited Rob for a rare lunch in Harlem. He took me to a cute, breezy French creperie with the unfortunate name of Yo In Yo Out. I was a bit wary of trying crepes again as the last time I had them at Crepe Creations I wasn't too impressed. They were too thick and chewy and weird for my taste. Luckily, Yo In Yo Out got it right. I don't think I could be more impressed... or pleased.

The cafe is run by two sisters -- Yoanne Magris ("Chef Yo") and Jade. Chef Yo herself waited on us; Rob said Jade waited on him the last time he visited. Both women are extremely sweet and accommodating, and yes, they are French too!

I ordered a coffee to start and was happy to be given steamed milk and raw sugar cubes to dress up my huge mug of coffee. Points already!

I ordered the La Complete, a crepe with jamon blanc and gruyere, topped with a sunny side up egg. The jamon was plentiful, and the cheese melded the meat to the thin, perfectly cooked crepe. The egg rounded out the flavors well. I can still remember exactly how it tasted -- so good!

Rob had the Le St. Barth, a crepe with mini portobello mushrooms, goat cheese, arugula and truffle essence. Have you ever gone out to eat and loved your dish, then tried someone else's and couldn't believe theirs is even tastier? This situation applied here, and I usually can't stand mushrooms, especially portobello. But here, the mushrooms weren't slimy or soggy or chewy, they just added a great earthy flavor to the herbed goat cheese.

I wanted to stay for dessert -- I bet their creme brulee is amazing -- but by this time the place was filling up, and so was my stomach.
Maybe I'll come back and maybe it'll be awhile before I'm in the area. Either way, Yo In Yo Out restored my faith in crepes... and maybe even in the French, too.

1569 Lexington Ave (between 100th St & 101st St)
New York, NY 10029
(212) 987-5350

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