Sunday, February 13, 2011

Restaurant Week at Bondst

I'm not a very big fan of Restaurant Week. In fact, Restaurant Week really irritates me. Places that I'm used to walking right into have longer waits for a table. The separate menu is usually very limited. The portions are much smaller than they should be. And then you're left wondering, is this even sort of a deal at all? (Kefi, here's looking at you... even though I absolutely adore both the items and the prices of your normal-time menu).

That being said, every once in awhile I'll find a spot that might actually have a good deal on Restaurant Week. This year's place was Bondst. It's one of those super trendy, come-hang-out-in-the-downstairs-lounge-so-people-can-see-you, high-end Noho Japanese places. Not really my scene. So I took Restaurant Week as an excuse to go, and I was actually pretty impressed with how much you get for the $35 prix fixe.

To start, you get either a miso soup or a mixed greens salad. And then a complimentary bowl of edamame. And then I had a sweet saketini because it had been that kind of week.

For the entree, you get an entire bento box of stuff. The flavors may or may not match each other. You might have been happier receiving them as separate, fresh courses. But its Restaurant Week, and you make sacrifices.

The bento box comes with crispy shrimp, age dashi tofu and a steamed chicken dumpling. For the sushi portion, you can either get a sashimi sampler or spicy tuna/salmon avocado rolls. And then either the Chilean sea bass or New York strip. My dining companion and I ordered complete opposites so we could try everything. The sashimi was a little too cold for my liking. The bass was well-cooked but the glaze was a little too sweet.

Dessert was either a lychee panna cotta, which was sour in a poorly flavored yogurt kinda way, or a ricotta cup, which was the sweet and creamy highlight of the meal.

This place is more about beautiful people than good food, so I won't be back. But it was nice to vary it up a bit. And to spend some quality time with my first NYC friend!


6 Bond St.

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