Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cafes in Quito

Ecuador has great coffee, beautiful rainforests and some really sweet, friendly people. One thing Ecuador does not seem to have is good restaurants (at least not anywhere we went in Quito). I'm not one to post pictures of mediocre food, but can you BELIEVE this is what you get when you order a blue cheese burger?

I ordered a filet mignon another night that I have to say, although it was not neon in color, was definitely not prime beef.

However, we did find one cute little mom and pop cafe that was fairly decent. Doesn't Cafeto have the cutest little sign? Every hotel, museum, yarn shop and cafe in Quito had the exact same style. It gave the city a nice feeling of continuity. I loved it.

This place served up some pretty serious Ecuadorian coffee, rich sopas, good tamales and decent sandwiches. They also had some good looking sweets in the counter (cheesecakes!) but we tried to play it safe and smart this trip.

I'm already itchin' to go back to warm South America...

El Cafeto
Chile 930 & Flores Old Town 
Quito, Ecuador

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Alice said...

lol the blue cheese! wowww.

also loove the shadows in the sign picture.