Sunday, January 15, 2012

Brunch at Eighty Four on Seventh

Yesterday afternoon I headed to the West Village for a late brunch with a few girls. It's rare for me to leave Brooklyn for an early meal on weekends, especially during the winter, but it seems like the brunch crowds are much more manageable on cold days.

Eighty Four on Seventh was only about half full at 2pm on Saturday. There was only one girl serving all the tables, so the service was a bit slow, but it was nice for a leisurely brunch. Definitely different from the typical long wait and subsequent rush to turn tables at Brooklyn Label.

Hot coffee with steamed milk to start. I had the fennel sausage with honey biscuits, poached eggs and gravy. The biscuit was soft and sweet and the eggs were cooked perfectly. If only it were a little hotter, it would have been perfect.

My friend had the much prettier house cured peameal, which is a type of Canadian bacon, served on top of a potato pancake and topped with sunny side up eggs and cheddar cheese. I didn't get a picture of the frittata (tomatoes, zucchini and feta with pistachio pesto) but that was delicious as well.

We also split an order of jalepeno hush puppies with maple butter dipping sauce -- crispy, savory, salty, sweet. 

84 Seventh Ave South

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