Sunday, January 15, 2012

Busy in the Kitchen

Lately we've been spending more time cooking up meals at home rather than going out. It saves money and the hot oven keeps the apartment warm, but most of all it feeds a need to create.

For breakfast, sometimes it's as simple as scrambled eggs with a toasted slice of Stollen leftover from Christmas. Or its a bit more complex with crab cake benedict/eggs florentine on corn English muffins with Sriracha hollandaise and crispy brussel sprouts, oven baked until they're almost carmelized.

For lunch, a simple grilled cheese with pasta fagioli and a little parmesan.

And my favorite recent dinner: scallops from Chelsea Market, pan seared, served on a spinach and watercress salad topped with a warm dressing made with blood oranges and honey tangerines. Full credit goes to America's Test Kitchen for this one.

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