Thursday, December 20, 2012

Weeknights on Bedford Ave

On the nights during the week where I'm not caught up doing necessities, I have a little ritual with a few key people.

We start at Maison Premier for $1 happy hour oysters. The deal ends at 7pm, so we act quick. Sit at the bar instead of wait for a table, and order a dozen each. Some are briny, some are creamy, some are viscous, some are mild. We've compiled quite the list of favorites and least favorites at this point. Delaware Bay, Chincoteague, East End and Rome Points are agreed-upon favorites. Penn Cove, Sister Point and Fanny Bay are on the do-not-call list. Cuttyhunks go either way.

Now that we're full on oysters but not on actual food, we head across the street to N. 3rd for a taco from the Endless Summer taco truck. I usually stick with a basic pork taco, double wrapped in tortilla and topped with queso fresco, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime. We eat it standing or on our way to our next destination.

Which is... the beloved Rosamunde Sausage Grill that we first experienced in San Francisco! Now here in Brooklyn! The first time I went into the new spot right after Hurricane Sandy I stared into the glass display case full of beautifully, fatty encased meats and grinned like a loon. I finally said, "I'm so glad you guys are here!" They must have thought I was special because the response I got was "We're glad you're here, too."

This Rosamunde is even better than San Fran's, because they have a full bar. With growlers! And Dogfish Head! Even picklebacks, if that's your thing. They make their own sodas, too. The cucumber one goes nicely with the spicy sausages.

Ah, the sausages. At this point I've almost tried them all. The duck with figs are my favorite, the lamb with fennel a close second. The beer sausage has those deep spices that remind me of mulled cider on Christmas. The cheddar brat with the oozy center. The positioning of this outpost has been a blessing and a curse.

Then I walk home along the bus route. And since the B62 is definitely cursed, I get a good mile and a half walk home.

It's a pretty awesome ritual.

298 Bedford Ave (betw. Grand & S. 1st)
at Bedford & N. 3rd -- USUALLY.

285 Bedford Ave ((betw. Grand & S. 1st)

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christina said...

sounds like a lovely ritual =)