Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A New Ippudo Favorite

During our obligatory monthly visits to Ippudo in the wintertime, Rob and I give each other those daring looks that say "YOU be the adventurous one." We rarely get the same thing when we dine out so we can try other things, but the Akamaru Modern is the accepted favorite at Ippudo (still as beautiful and bone warming as it was two years ago). That leaves one of us with the obligation to try a different ramen, and then stare longingly at the Akamaru Modern until its offered. Relationships are all about compromise, after all.

At our last visit the other week, I willingly took the risk for one of the specials -- the Kogashi Miso Ramen with a broth made from blackened miso. Pork, cabbage, greens (watercress, maybe?) and oil. Wow. It tasted like magic crack laced with pork. I asked the waiter, what's IN this? Because it can't just be charred miso. I didn't get a straight answer. Or really any answer.

Anyway, I always order with the nitamago added on -- a soft boiled egg that lends extra richness to the already hearty broth. Not a great picture -- I was clearly shaking with anticipation -- but here it is, in all its oily glory.

I think it's still on the menu. I have a feeling neither of us will be ordering the Akamaru next time.

Ippudo NY
65 4th Ave 


Alice said...

omgah. i need this. also this post made me laugh out loud.

Lauren said...

Aw, thanks Alice :)