Thursday, February 7, 2013

Milk Burger. Milk Shakes.

You know what's pretty awesome? A burger under $10.

You know what's even more awesome? When that same burger comes with bacon, jalapeno relish and melted cheese with a sunnyside up egg that juts out at you like a star. For $7.75. Behold the El Barrio from Milk Burger! It's like Shake Shack without the wait. Only you have to trek up to East Harlem for it.

Fun tip: take the Java shake for the long walk back downtown.
Vanilla ice cream spun with Cafe Patron. Makes your afternoon that much better.

Rumor has it they're coming to Williamsburg this summer!

Milk Burger
2051 2nd Ave, NY, NY 10029
Btwn 105th & 106th St
(212) 360-1988

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